Topdressing of lawns is carried out only to correct deficiencies in the profile of the lawn. This process should not become an annual event. A coarse washed river sand is the ideal material to use. All high quality lawn areas will have been top dressed as the final stages of lawn establishment. Topdressing should be carried out during the growing season, allowing the grass to recover quickly and reducing any possible weed infestation.

Topdressing applications should be light – no more than 10mm and the grass leaf should be still visible through the topdressing allowing the plant to breathe and photosynthesise.

Should the lawn have been laid on a shallow soil base over clay/shale etc., then it may be beneficial to include a percentage of finely screened organic material with the sand. This will help to compensate for the lack of correct soil preparation. (See our detailed section on soil preparation)

Also, if the lawn is thatched (thick and spongy) it may need to be renovated before effective top dressing can take place.

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