Mowing is often seen as a chore to be put off for as long as possible, however, mowing is a critical factor in the ongoing maintenance and finish of a good lawn. Mowing frequency, height of cut and even the type of mower used will all produce different finishes to the lawn.

It is important to realise the benefits of mowing frequently. Frequent mowing tends to thicken the lawn, conserving soil moisture and providing greater competition against weed invasion. Frequent mowing also removes seed head on any weeds present in the lawn and therefore helps to reduce the problem of spreading weed and seed.

When mowing, never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one time as this stresses the plant.

New lawns should be mowed as soon as the turf has rooted in properly. This time frame will vary according to the variety and also the time of year. As a general rule of thumb – between the second and third week after installation.

The first mow should be done on a high setting so as to just “tidy” the lawn. Continue to mow every three days or so and gradually reduce the height to the level you intend to maintain the lawn at. For couch-grass, 18-25mm is a good height. Lift the mower slightly for winter mowing height.

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