Turf installation

Once you have levelled and prepared your site, use our calculator to estimate your area, or give us the dimensions and we can help to work it out.
Consider how you will get the turf the area (we deliver with a forklift). Discuss your access with us so our delivery driver can place the pallets as close as possible to where the turf will be laid.

Start by laying the first strip of turf around the perimeter, placing the slabs as close as possible so as not to leave gaps.

Use the longest side of the site to start laying the rest, usually there will be one straight edge that you can work from, or you can run a string line to create a straight edge.

Continue laying and trim up against the perimeter strip with a sharp spade, shears or cane knife.

Roll the turf as soon as possible to minimize air gaps between the turf and topsoil and water immediately. If you are doing more than 100m2, it is best to water in sections as you go.

Saturate the turf so that the soil underneath is wet. Check by lifting a few of the slabs.

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