At last we have a much needed break in the weather and certainly a great start to spring.
Our farm is awash at the moment after months of dry weather. The dams are full, the creek is flowing and the underground water is being replenished.
Of course turf harvesting has stopped until the paddocks dry out, so for customers waiting for their orders, patience will be needed.
I had been noticing as I drove around Brisbane lately, just how dry the region was. Lawns, parks and oval were all suffering, looking brown and bare, but what is amazing is the quick recovery the grasses make once they have some water and warmer weather. All of a sudden the whole area looks “a little like” England with everything turning green.
But with the moisture, comes germination of all the weed seeds that have been lurking under the surface.
Where there is dense, healthy grass coverage, germination of the seeds is limited and the seedlings find difficulty in penetrating this cover.
Now is the time to fertilize your lawn with a quality product such as Scott’s Lawn Builder to get some density and color into your grass.
Paul – 17.10.2017.

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