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Fertilizing lawns (Spring & summer ):

It’s time to consider fertilizing your lawn again. To get the best from your lawn, fertilize in early spring. mid-summer and mid-autumn.
An application of Scott’s Lawn Builder (or a similar slow release product) will provide the grass with the correct nutrients . Use according to directions, except for Aussiblue which will be happy with half the recommended rate.

Irrigating lawns .

Great rain for our lawns. If you have just installed a new lawn keep it damp after the rain has stopped. When the roots have anchored the grass firmly, you can ease up on the irrigation.

Lawn Grub season.

This time of the year lawn grub (army worm) are breeding prolifically so be on the look-out for the first signs, especially for the appearance of egg sacs on the walls and eaves of the house. Early detection of the problem will greatly assist in the control of the damage they cause. See our information page or get advise from a landscape supply company.

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