® Stenotaphrum Secundatum ‘SS100’ PBR

This versatile turf-grass is adaptable across Australia from Brisbane to Perth. It has excellent performance in wide-ranging climate and soil conditions and along with its low maintenance requirements. Palmetto is an ideal choice for widespread residential and commercial use.

Palmetto has a green stem and a more attractive appearance than competitive soft-leaf buffalo turf varieties. It doesn’t have such a coarse appearance.

Palmetto demonstrates shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought tolerance. It is a superior grass for shaded areas and requires only three hours of sunlight (or the equivalent in dappled shade).



Requires one-third less mowing than major competitors’ soft-leaf buffalo varieties and requires only minimal mowing during winter months.


Fertilize three times a year with slow release fertilizer according to directions.

Pests and Diseases:

Lawn grubs, army worm and webworm may attack during the warmer months. Be on the lookout for signs of these pests and treat immediately.

Brown patch and leaf spot are fungal diseases that can affect Palmetto. Treat accordingly.

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