Aussiblue swazi (Digitaria didactyla syn D. swazilandensis) PBR

The new generation turf grass for Queensland conditions. Aussiblue is a premium grass with fine
to medium leaf, similar in appearance to Queensland Blue Couch.

It has wonderfully soft feel and a dense growth habit that gives it a proven ability to resist weed invasion.

When under stress from drought or frost it has the capability to remain dormant and recover rapidly when the conditions change.

This variety is proving very successful in both residential and commercial projects.

It has the added benefit of medium shade tolerance.

Adaptable to most soil types and can cope with acidic soils.



Best performed at a time when the turf is at it driest. The lush growth of this grass can make the clippings clump together if they are wet. Mowing height 25-35 mm


The Queensland DPI have found the Aussiblue requires the lowest fertilizer inputs to maintain its colour compared to other couch grasses. Use only slow release fertilizer at half the recommended rate. The mid-summer application may be skipped there is a lot of rain.

Pests and Diseases:

No known diseases. It can get a fungal growth on the leaves (very rarely) which has no effect on the grass and disappears with mowing.

Lawn grubs, army worm and webworm may attack during the warmer months. Treat immediately if signs of the pests are observed. If it is damaged it will recover quite rapidly.

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